PMI Olympia Chapter


PMI Olympia is a professional group that listens, a skill very hard to find in our modern fast moving society. But we would like to listen to something new, interesting that helps our life-work balance, and promotes our profession of project management.

1) Speaker Opportunities

  • We offer various opportunities for speakers in our monthly dinner meetings, workshops, conferences, and certification prep courses.
  • We have a medley of private, public sector employees, students, veterans, and local entrepreneurs attending our meetings.
  • Use this opportunity to promote your business, products, services and individual expertise, resulting in new contacts and business opportunities.

2) Partnering with PMI

  • We have vibrant relationship with South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC) and its project management certificate programs. Often professors/lecturers from the college speak in our dinner meetings, conduct graduation event in our PMI settings, are a dinner sponsor, and mutually promote each other.
  • We are looking forward to joining hands with IPMA and local Toastmasters groups to help and support one another’s membership.
  • We welcome any interested party to partner with us, if there is mutual benefit and understanding based on our mission and professional vision.

3) Professional Connections

  • Every dinner meeting is a treasure cove with ample time to network with the attendees. Be a part of our board of directors to get opportunities to interact with other leaders and members of our chapter and other chapters, too.
  • There are leadership training, seminars, webinars and conferences (LIM) that connect you to seasoned professionals and their proven professional strategies in the industry.

For more info, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..