Section 1. Purpose of the Olympia Chapter

A. General Purpose. THE Olympia Chapter has been founded as non-profit, tax exempt corporation (or equivalent) chartered by PMI®, and is dedicated to advancing the practice, science, and profession of project management in a conscious and proactive manner.
B. Specific Purposes. Consistent with the terms of the Charter executed between the Olympia Chapter and PMI and these Bylaws, the purposes of the Olympia Chapter shall include the following:

      a) To foster professionalism in the management of projects.
      b) To contribute to the quality and scope of project management.
      c) To stimulate appropriate global application of project management for the benefit of general public.
      d) To provide a recognized forum for the free exchange of ideas, applications, and solutions to project

          management issues among its members, and other interested and involved in project management.
      e) To identify and promote the fundamentals of project management and advance the body of knowledge           for managing projects successfully.

Section 2. Limitations of the Olympia Chapter.

A. General Limitations. The purposes and activities of the Olympia Chapter shall be subject to limitations set forth in the charter

     agreement, these Bylaws, and conducted consistently with Olympia Chapter Articles of Incorporation.

B. The membership database and listings provided by PMI to the Olympia Chapter may not be used for commercial purposes and may

     be used only for non-profit purposes directly related to the business of the Olympia Chapter consistent with PMI policies and all

     applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to those law and regulations pertaining to privacy and use of personal


C. The officers and directors of the Olympia Chapter shall be solely accountable for the planning and operations of the component,

     and shall perform their duties in accordance with the Component’s governing documents; its Charter Agreement; PMI’s Bylaws,

     policies, practices, procedures, and rules; and applicable law.