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2022-2024 Board Elections

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2022-2024 Elections

Calling All Leaders - Apply NOW for 2022-2024 Board Member Positions

It's that time again - time to begin the selection process for next year's Chapter Board of Directors (BOD). Serving as a Board Member is exciting, fun, and rewarding. It's a terrific way to become more involved in the chapter, understand and work with PMI Global, earn PDUs and meet some amazing people.

BOD positions up for election this year

Vice President / President-Elect (3-year term commitment, 1st year as President-Elect, 2nd year as President, 3rd year as Past President)
VP Finance (2-year term commitment)
VP Professional Development (2-year term commitment)
VP Sponsorship (2-year term commitment) – dependent on approval of bylaw changes
VP Youth and Social Impact (2-year term commitment) – dependent on approval of bylaw changes

Election Timeline

April 19 – May 5: Accept nominations for board positions.
May 6 – May 8: Review and Evaluate Nomination Candidates with the nomination committee
May 9: Voting begins
May 9 – May 25: Membership votes
May 26: Send notice of election results
June 7: New Board Members attend Board Meeting
June 21: Introduce new Board Members at the June Dinner Meeting
July 1: New Board begins

Who can run?

Any PMI-Olympia Chapter member whose membership is in good standing at the time of the election may run for election. They also must maintain membership during their tenure at the Board and be ready to volunteer 5-15 hours monthly.

How to be nominated

  • Learn about the Board and open Board positions. 
  • Fill out the Board Nomination Form (see Appendix A - Nomination Form below) and email the form and send to no later than May 5.
  • Submit a biography and picture (see below) that will be posted to our website for members to review during elections.

Board Opportunities

  • Gain invaluable leadership experience as a Board member.
  • Expand your professional network in the PMI community.
  • Demonstrate your leadership expertise to your employer, clients and/or co-workers.
  • Earn required certification PDUs through volunteer hours.
    • If possible, attend the PMI Region 1 Leadership Conference. The Chapter pays travel, hotel, and meals. This is a great opportunity to network, learn new leadership skills and meet your area Region 1 counterparts through the region in preparation for your Board year.
    • If possible, attend the PMI Global Leadership Conference. The Chapter pays conference registration, travel, hotel, and meals. This is a great opportunity to network, learn new leadership skills, and learn about PMI at a global level.

Board Responsibilities

  • Attend once-a-month Board meetings on the first Tuesday of every month from 5:30-7:30 p.m.
  • Regularly attend Chapter Meetings and participate in other Chapter activities as appropriate. This is at your expense. The Chapter does not pay fees for Board members to attend the Chapter Meetings.
  • Plan to spend 5 to 15 hours a month on chapter activities depending on the position.
  • For all positions except President Elect, commit to serve a two year, July 1, 2022–June 30, 2024. You have an option to extend for a second term in your elected position.
  • The President-Elect commits to serve a three-year term: July 1, 2022–June 30, 2023, as President Elect; July 1, 2023–June 30, 2024, as President, and July 1, 2024–June 30, 2025, as Past President.
  • Lead, support, recruit, and recognize Chapter volunteers and portfolio team members.
  • Strategically develop and lead your portfolio to achieve the mission of the Chapter.
  • Attend annual Board transition and strategy sessions.
  • Learn about and understand your portfolio and the Chapter.
  • Put the interests of the Chapter ahead of any other organization or business when acting as a Board member. Disclose any potential conflicts of interest which could affect decision making.
  • Manage your portfolio budget and expenditures.
  • Be a positive spokesman and evangelist for your portfolio and the Chapter.
  • Carry out the fiduciary, due care, and diligence responsibilities of the Board of Directors by reviewing programs, policies, financial statements, and other materials.
  • Serve on committees and take on special assignments.

Board Position Roles and Descriptions

President Elect

Elected volunteer that assists the president with his or her duties of managing the chapter and assume the role of the chapter president if the president is unable to perform duties for any reason.

VP Finance

Elected volunteer is responsible to manage, administer and present all financial records required for chapter operations in accordance with chapter and bylaws.

VP Professional Development

Elected volunteer responsible for addressing the chapter educational needs, including program delivery, recruiting, and retaining credential training instructors, and support in accordance with chapter policies and bylaws.

VP Sponsorship

Elected volunteer responsible for the recruitment/growth, retention, and management of sponsors on behalf of the Olympia Chapter.

VP Youth and Social Impact

Elected volunteer responsible for promoting project management, PMI, and the Olympia Chapter through outreach programs to academic institutions, professional associations, and local youth-serving / social nonprofit organizations.

Biography Instructions:

  • Submit a profile picture as a JPEG and a bio as a Word document. Each bio should include:
    • Name
    • Why you want to serve
    • What you hope to do as a board member
    • See examples

Questions can be submitted to me at We look forward to working with you and having you on board.

Megan Pilon, President Elect

PMI Olympia, WA Chapter


Appendix A - Nomination Form

I would like to be accepted for nomination as a member of the PMI-Olympia Board of Directors.  

I understand that I will be expected to be a member in good standing with the PMI Olympia Chapter and perform my responsibilities for the full two-year term of the position (President-Elect term is three-year term). As a representative of PMI and the Olympia Chapter I will conduct myself in a professional manner and adhere to the Code of Ethics Policy. I have reviewed the position description and understand that I will have the opportunity to ask questions to fully understand the responsibilities and expectations of this position when I am interviewed.  

Nomination Position(S) Being Submitted for 

(Select The Position(s) You Are Interested In)

☐  President Elect (July 2022 -June 2025)

☐  VP Finance (July 2022 – June 2024)

☐  VP Sponsorship (July 2022 – June 2024)

☐  VP Professional Development (July 2022 – June 2024)

☐  VP Youth and Social Impact (July 2022 – June 2024)


Nominee Contact Information 









Best time to contact you

☐  a.m.     ☐  p.m.    ☐  Other

Required Qualifications

Are you a member in good standing with PMI?

☐  Yes   ☐  No

Are you a member in the PMI-Olympia, WA Chapter?

☐  Yes   ☐  No

Please enter Your member number

If elected, are you willing to serve full term?

☐  Yes   ☐  No

Briefly answer the following questions.  Your answers will be included in the electronic ballot.

Why do you want to become a member of the PMI-Olympia Chapter Board of Directors?


What kind of project management have you done and in what fields/industries?


What is your understanding of the time commitment to the PMI-Olympia Chapter Board, and how will that fit into your schedule?


What special skills or interests would you bring to the board?


Statement of Understanding

By submitting this application, I understand that if accepted and elected I will be committed to fulfill my obligations from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2024; for President-Elect July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2025.  Please send your completed application, profile picture and biography via e-mail to Megan Pilon at

Upon receipt of your application, an interview via phone or in person may be scheduled.  This will provide an opportunity for you to get acquainted, ask questions, and fully understand the expectations and responsibilities of this position.

Application Deadline:  

May 5, 2022 

Elections to be Held:  

May 9 – May 30, 2022