Conference Schedule

 II2020 Schedule

Morning Session

  • Keynote – Curiosity: The Key to Improving Engagement, Innovation, and Productivity (1 PDU)
  • Session 1A – Automating Project Management Framework with Artificial Intelligence (1 PDU)
  • Training 2A – How to Apply Agile Principles to Succeed in our Post-COVID-19 World (1 PDU)
  • Training 3A – Project Manager and Business Analyst in a PMO (1 PDU)

Lunch Session

  • Keynote – Real-World Change Intelligent® Tactics for Project Management Professionals to Lead through COVID-19 and Beyond (1 PDU)

Afternoon Session

  • Session 4A – Building A Culture of Resiliency In Teams (An Inside Out Approach) (1 PDU)
  • Session 5A – Leading Remote Teams (1 PDU)
  • Session 6A – The Project Recover Process - Do you know what you do to recover a project? (1 PDU)

Closeout Session

  • Sponsor Giveaways
  • Closing Remarks