christine newbyInfluencing and Leading

Influence - your best tool for leading effectively.

Becoming a leader of influence requires good relational skills to help your team see the vision and the significance they can add. It gives others hope, encouragement, confidence and excitement. When we understand our influence, we can leverage it to lead more effectively. In this presentation, skills for increasing your influence to help your team's success will be taught.

Christine Newby, PMP, CISA

 Christine has thoroughly enjoyed managing IT Projects for companies such as AT&T, Boeing, Delta Air Lines and Microsoft. Her love of teaching and passion for helping people grow will provide an entertaining session on how to increase your leadership skills.

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charlene draineDemonstrating Value of PMO

It’s a challenge to show the value of implementing PMO improvements. Calculating the costs of failed projects or the benefit of successful projects is not easy. However, there are some ways to demon-strate the value. Learn how to use clear facts, tools and metrics to show the value of the PMO.

Presented by Charlene Draine, PMP, Chief Sustainability Officer, Cheetah LearningRead More

Charlene joined Cheetah Learning to promote energy self-sufficiency and overall sustainability techniques and training offered in the Cheetah curriculum. Transitioning from 12 years of direct PMO experience that supports Information Technology within manufacturing, makes the stage a welcomed platform for sharing best practices. Charlene has an MIS degree from the University of Detroit and has attended Bainbridge Graduate Institute of Sustainability in Seattle, Washington. Learn what PMOs can do to increase project success Uncover important PMO performance drivers Prioritize PMO performance drivers through the lens of various stakeholders Document benefits of PMO. 

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Agile and Waterfall Metrics 

Presented by Joseph Flahiff

Joseph Flahiff is an agile project delivery consultant who helps enterprise organizations implement and improve their project delivery through a unique combination of agile, lean and traditional project management. An experienced professional with more than 15 years' experience in agile and traditional project management, Joseph lectures internationally on agile and waterfall integration. Video, posts and free resources about current trends in enterprise agile project management may be found at his Whitewater Projects blog.

Joseph will present two surprising case studies demonstrating the business value of using agile in what you might not normally think of as an agile project;
·         HIPAA 5010: A Federally mandated project with fixed requirements and fixed deadlines
·         The Transparency Project: A high risk, high profile project, with zero ROI

You will come away with a deeper understanding of why agile is really the best approach for doing just about any software project; as well as some tips and tools for using agile in your mixed agile/waterfall context.  A significant part of the presentation will be an open Q&A session so come with your questions about enterprise scale agile. 
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Managing The Most Important Program - Your Life

Presented by Peggy Lusk, MS, CPA, CIA, CISA, ACDA, PMP

Project Managers have a distinct advantage when it comes to ensuring they are able to meet their personal goals and objectives, if they apply their Project Management skills to managing their Life.  Of course, just like a Program, there are multiple Projects that must be performed over the course of the "life" Program; many of which must occur simultaneously. A risk plan is needed to prepare for unexpected changes.  And just like any Program, the individual Projects must be appropriately prioritized and resource‑loaded.

Just as companies prefer to initiate Projects without a Charter, schedule and budget; so do many of us prefer to live "life" without goals, and detail plans for spending time and money.  We shouldn't be surprised then when the quality of our "life" Program isn't what we expected; when our lives don't reflect our values and beliefs.  This presentation will show you how to use what you already know to ensure you are on-track for living an Abundant Life.

Peggy Lusk is a Certified Public Account and Financial Services Professional; and is the Owner of Abundance by Design.   Her specialization is empowering people to take control of their Time and their Money to live a life of true Abundance.  A cornerstone of her business is the belief that money is just one part of a much bigger life equation: How you spend your time to live an abundant life is just as important as how much money is left later. It won't matter how wealthy you become; if you sacrifice your health and personal life to build financial wealth.

No matter where her clients stand, she expertly trains them to make educated choices about how to wisely invest and align their time, money and values; so they can escape feelings of fear and scarcity, and feel happy and fulfilled.  Helping clients fill the gaps between their current life and financial circumstances and guiding them to get where they want to go are always top of mind priorities.  Through using her talents of translating and communicating complex and potentially confusing financial concepts, she ultimately seeks to empower her clients to make smart time and money decisions that fuel a vibrant, rich life with all its blessings - Both today and tomorrow.  

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Back to the Basics

 Presented by Pat Garrett, PMP, MCTS

The phrase “back to the basics” can be defined as an adjective which means “stressing simplicity and adherence to fundamental principles”. What do Dancers, Project Managers, Musicians, Golfers, and Business Analysts have in common? They are all professions that have a basic skill foundation that should be periodically re-visited the more “advanced” the practitioner becomes. Oscar Wilde stated, “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes”. The more “experience” one gains, the more one recognizes the value and importance of the foundational skills. In “Back to the Basics” we will discuss the foundational skills of stakeholder analysis and communication of clear, concise requirements to both business stakeholders and product development stakeholders.

Pat Garrett PMP, MCTS has over 25 years of experience managing and consulting on Information Technology projects and programs. During her career she has worked primarily in the healthcare, manufacturing, retail sales, telephony, transportation, and law enforcement industries. For the last ten years she has also been developing and teaching project management, business analysis, and MS Project courses, plus volunteering her services as a speaker on project, program, and portfolio management and business/systems analysis topics. Pat has been a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) since 2000 and is the Director of the Enterprise Project Management Office for COMSYS, a Manpower Company. She was selected by PMI® to serve as Component Mentor for 2008-2010 for the 16 PMI® Chapters in the Pacific Northwest. During 2001- 2008 she served on the Puget Sound Chapter Board. She is currently a member of the ANSI Technical Advisory Group that is participating in the development of ISO 21500: Guide to Project Management and a member of the PMI Profession Award Program Member Advisory Group. 

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