Agile and Waterfall Metrics 

Presented by Joseph Flahiff

Joseph Flahiff is an agile project delivery consultant who helps enterprise organizations implement and improve their project delivery through a unique combination of agile, lean and traditional project management. An experienced professional with more than 15 years' experience in agile and traditional project management, Joseph lectures internationally on agile and waterfall integration. Video, posts and free resources about current trends in enterprise agile project management may be found at his Whitewater Projects blog.

Joseph will present two surprising case studies demonstrating the business value of using agile in what you might not normally think of as an agile project;
·         HIPAA 5010: A Federally mandated project with fixed requirements and fixed deadlines
·         The Transparency Project: A high risk, high profile project, with zero ROI

You will come away with a deeper understanding of why agile is really the best approach for doing just about any software project; as well as some tips and tools for using agile in your mixed agile/waterfall context.  A significant part of the presentation will be an open Q&A session so come with your questions about enterprise scale agile. 
PDU # C331_062011 (1 PDU)