neuroscienceNeuroscience  and the Modern Project Manager

How  what you don’t know about neuroscience impacts every decision

Thirty years of contemporary neuroscience has revealed numerous insights about how the human brain is structured and functions, while dispelling a wide range of misguided beliefs and myths. These discoveries directly impact how project managers can approach decision making to improve project performance and measurement. During this lively presentation, you will go on an exciting tour through the aspects that directly impact your effectiveness as a project manager and leader. Divided into four sections, the program includes:

  • The top seven brain misunderstandings you can correct today
  • “The Battle for Effective Decision Making” or “How Evolution and Contemporary Needs Clash”
  • The seven most critical mental shortcuts your brain takes and why and how you can stop it
  • Tools and techniques to use to improve decision making and increase teamwork

Drawing on the best from neuroscience literature and research and applying it directly to the discipline of project management and team leadership, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for many aspects of the PM BOK and human nature. The talk covers how we essentially have two brains involved in decision making (the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex, and how they are constantly at odds with each other. Don’t worry, we also cover how to harness the each system’s strengths to create a super-powered decision making machine.

Jack Tollefson, founder of TeamStronger, has had a diverse career that has included extensive work in research, analysis, marketing, product development, software development, training and adult learning curriculum development, project management, and corporate administration. He holds a BA in Philosophy with an emphasis on knowledge theory, decision and game theory, and logic. He has founded three training and publishing companies, including what is now His clients include most Fortune 500 companies, thousands of mid to small sized companies, and several federal, state, and local government agencies, including California, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Alaska, and Washington.

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