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7 Deadly Habits of Ineffective Software Managers

Presented as a series of case studies, these all-too-real situations can be difficult to know how to prevent and handle. Whether you are an experienced manager or just starting out in management, you'll take away valuable tips and techniques for avoiding software management deadly habits.

  • Habit 1: Releasing a Product Before It is Ready
  • Habit 2: Hiring Someone Who is Not Quite Qualified (but Who Everyone Likes)
  • Habit 3: Making Every Decision a Consensus Decision
  • Habit 4: Promising Developers Incentives
  • Habit 5: Delegating Absolute Control to a Project Manager
  • Habit 6: Taking Too Long to Negotiate Feature Sets and Schedules
  • Habit 7: Ignoring a Process in Order to Release Quickly

Each attendee will receive a full-color 7 deadly habits comic book and at the end of the presentation, one lucky winner gets Ken's "Managing Software Maniacs" book.

Ken Whitaker, of Leading Software Maniacs® (LSM), has more than twenty-five years of software development executive leadership and training experience in a variety of technology roles and industries. He has led commercial software teams at Software Publishing (remember Harvard Graphics?), Data General ("Soul of a New Machine" days), embedded systems software companies, and enterprise software suppliers. LSM creates in-depth eLearning courses with PM University and tutorial videos with PM Chalkboard. 

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