glenn briskinThe Other Side of Risk - Finding What Can Go Right On Your Project

Glenn Briskin, MA, PMP 

The purpose of this presentation is to get you to think a little differently about how you, as a skilled project manager, approach your projects. Most of the skills we learn focus on defining what must be done and how to avoid what could go wrong. These skills are important, but sometimes project success depends on finding what can go right. In this presentation, you will learn about how to balance your project management skills with skills used by organizational development consultants to identify opportunities as well as risks. You will learn why it's important to consider perfect outcomes for your clients and the perfect journey to achieve them; and how you can leave your client's organization and its people better than you found them as a result of your project. This presentation is derived from Glenn's blog

Glenn Briskin, MA, PMP

Glenn Briskin, MA, PMP, has looked at managing IT projects from many perspectives for many years. In the 70's he had to learn and implement changes to accounting systems in the Air Force and at the Washington State Employees' Credit Union. In the 80's he became a programmer and learned about IT project management at the Office of the Administrator for the Courts. In the 90's he provided oversight and consulting to some of the state's largest IT projects as an employee at the Departments of Information Services and Health, and he became a consultant in the private sector working with two large financial companies on new systems and Y2K readiness. In the 2000's he managed the local office of Sierra Systems delivering new systems and consulting to several state and local agencies. He started his own consulting company in 2004 providing project management and quality assurance services to several more state IT projects. Glenn thinks he may have set a record having worked on projects at 25 state agencies. This year, he came full circle and is now the Enterprise Systems Policy Governance Coordinator at the Office of Financial Management helping them prepare for planned changes to their accounting and financial management systems.

Glenn's been active in PMI since 1996 and is a founding member of PMI Olympia and past president. In the past year, Glenn's been pondering what he learned on this long journey and started a blog called "The Other Side of Risk" where he writes, occasionally coherently, about how to avoid getting lost in the scope, schedule, budget triangle and missing opportunities to make your projects really successful. When Glenn isn't working or writing, he and his wife (who's made the whole journey with him and still speaks to him) like to visit their granddaughters, travel, and work in the garden. Things Marcia won't do with Glenn include windsurfing and riding his scooter, which he enjoys anyway.

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