vicki-jamesStrategies for Project Sponsorship

Vicki James

Project managers are often faced with challenges in working with sponsors and within their organization. One reason for these challenges is that those who have authority do not have the same experience and expertise in project management as the project managers that they work with. It is up to the project manager to ensure that those providing project oversight understand best practices required to deliver successful projects that bring value to the business.

Participants will gain a greater understanding of the responsibilities of project leaders in facilitating project success. This includes understanding the responsibilities of the project sponsor and specific strategies when faced with challenging sponsors. Participants will gain tools to help them use their expertise to influence those higher up the chain of command for increased project value and job satisfaction.

Vicki James 

Co-author of Strategies for Project Sponsorship (2013), Vicki James is passionate about learning and sharing best practices in project management and business analysis. Certified in both project management (Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute since 2005) and business analysis (Certified Business Analysis Professional from the International Institute of Business Analysis in since 2010) she provides a broad view to support project governance and processes. Vicki spent 11-years in the public sector successfully delivering projects to support governmental operations. Today she provides private consulting to government and private industry clients in addition to writing and presenting on all things project. Vicki is a contributor to The Complete Project Manager (2012) by Randall Englund and Alfonso Bucero as well as a popular blogger and Tweeter. Connect with Vicki on Linked in at or contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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