todd williamsVisualizations for Affecting Change  

People like to see how they relate to others, how changes will affect them, and where they are headed. In the same way that pictures help to learn about an exciting tropical destination, visualizations of relationships, changes, and processes help people comprehend how information affects them. Helping people visualize a new tropical setting is easy using pictures and video; however, the challenge in
the business world is the ability to physicalize intangible concepts. Sometimes it takes graphics, such as graphs and drawings, other times it takes role

Todd C Williams

Todd has twenty-five years of experience helping companies ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar corporations achieve their goals. He has specialized in: executive consulting, project rescue, failure prevention, and engaging people in the solution. He hfrom definition to ensuring the proper people are in place.

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john mayfield Nordstrom's Agile Transformation

     ...... Changes in Project Management

Nordstrom’s business strategy change in direction required significant transformation to the Technology organization and how they did their work.

John Mayfield, VP Enterprise Architecture and Development Services

John has spent over 35 years in IT across DOD, Insurance, Banking, and Retail domains with focus on Leadership, Program/Project Management, Engineering and Architecture disciplines. Over the last 15 years he has been at Nordstrom leading their strategic technology development projects and Enterprise Architecture; multi-channel (Store, WEB, and Mobile), Marketing, Credit/Bank, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Financial, Human Resources, Merchandising, and Supply Chain solutions. Recently John authored and led the Development organization through their initial transformation from Waterfall to Agile.

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greg smith.pngAgile Methods and Techniques

How much team, how much mangement?

Greg Smith

Greg Smith is an Agile coach and trainer who specializes in the practical adoption of Agile methods. During his career Greg has held positions as a Product Manager, Program Manager, Development Manager, Scrum Master, and Project Manager. Greg is a Certified Scrum Master and PMI-ACP®.

In 2009 Greg co-authored Becoming Agile in an Imperfect World. This book has helped a number of companies move to a more Agile development lifecycle, and is often used as a guide for project teams. PMI uses Becoming Agile as part of its curriculum for the PMI-ACP.

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steve norton.1The Two Most Important Principles For Successful Project Outcomes

Ready to take (greater) control of your projects, careers, and lives? Tune up the tools and techniques you use to find the seeds of opportunity in every adversity? These two key principles of success will empower you and your team to take control and drive the outcomes you desire in situations that may once have been accepted as beyond your control.

This interactive presentation will use real world examples that help each attendee gain a better understanding of how to  fundamentally improve their perspective and see ways to change the outcome, regardless of the events and circumstances that may arise.  Attendees will leave with actionable ideas they can use immediately.

Steve Norton

Steve’s career has spanned 30+ years in the nuclear industry. As a senior manager for Fortune 500 companies, he directed project management activities, strategic planning, financial planning, scheduling, plant operations, and facility startups. He managed large nuclear waste processing facilities and was the project manager or director for the construction of office buildings, water treatment facilities, nuclear processing facilities, infrastructure upgrades, high-tech security systems, and plant remodels. He directed the Project Management Offices for two major U.S. companies and was the project manager for award-winning fast-track projects. He was responsible for portfolios of projects valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

He earned his PMP® in 2005 and is actively involved with PMI® chapters nationally. In 2013 Steve was named one of three global PMI® chapter Volunteers of the Year.

He co-authored the best-seller The Success Secret with Jack Canfield (co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series) and recently published the book, “Focus or Fail: 50 tips for Organizing Your Stuff, Prioritizing your Activities, and Becoming More Effective.

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ryan kellerLeveraging Technology in Project Management

Ryan Keller

In this presentation Ryan will cover how various technologies can be utilized by project management teams to create a methodical project management process.

Organizations, both private and public, are looking at technology as a way to improve their project management practices in order to gain efficiencies and improve project success rates.  This session will identify the pros and cons of utilizing technology in project management, and identify specific technologies that are being successfully leveraged to address collaboration, communication, scheduling, and other project management functions. 

Ryan Keller 

With over 14 years experience in the ECM industry, Ryan has spent the last 11 with ImageSource expanding services offerings and refining project methodologies. Ryan has an exceptional record as a Program Manager and Enterprise Solution Architect at ImageSource, leading implementation teams to execute content, workflow, electronic forms and capture solutions for major organizations that include Costco, Nintendo, E*Trade, US Bank, SunTrust, DHL, City of Seattle, Stryker and Lafarge.

Ryan got his start in ECM at Neko Industries, where he was a consultant, systems engineer and developer. Since joining ImageSource in 2003, he has fulfilled a variety of roles, including Support Services Manager, Sr. Systems Engineer, Project Manager, Program Manager, and VP of Professional Services. In addition, Ryan has extensive technical expertise in Document Capture, Distributed Capture, Information Management, Document Management, Business Process Management, Workflow and Records Management. Ryan is also committed to sharing his varied knowledge through public speaking engagements, and has done so with regular engagements at the Nexus® ECM Solutions Conference.

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