Tough Decisions made easier with Lean Thinking

Michael FayPMI Olympia Chapter is excited to bring speaker Michael Fay to the November dinner meeting. Decision making when the stakes are high can be extremely difficult. When choosing between many options with multiple criteria, making the best decision can seem impossible. Making decisions as a team is even harder. During this session, you will learn a structured, analytical way to guide teams as they approach complex decision making. You will also receive an electronic decision-making tool based on the methodology to apply to your own high-stakes decisions.

Michael Fay is the Lean Capacity Development Manager for the Washington State Department of Revenue. Michael is passionate about customer service and continuous improvement. His focus in the agency is working with the agency’s leaders and employees on the application of Daily Lean – eliminating waste and improving value to customers every day. Michael provides training and consultation on various Lean tools and techniques such as 5S, personal kanban, visual management, and problem solving. Michael also facilitates improvement workshops and events. Michael holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Wyoming. He also achieved a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. His diverse work experience includes various engineering, operations and leadership positions within Frito Lay, Inc, State Farm Insurance Cos, Target Corporation and the State of Washington.

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Using Emotional Intelligence to Improve Performance

emotional intelligence graphicPMI Olympia Chapter is excited to bring speaker Barbara Bard to the October dinner meeting. There has been much written recently about EQ (Emotional Quotient) being even more important than IQ (Intellectual Quotient) as a performance indicator. A high EQ comes from a high level of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and unlike IQ, can be developed throughout ones career. This session introduces EI and shares industry theories and findings as to what it is, and why it is important.

While there is a focus on project managers and the challenges they face, the parallels to any leadership role are clear. This session takes you on a journey through the elements of emotional intelligence for yourself and your team with the aim to improve personal and team performance. Tips on how to continue that journey yourself will also be presented with the hopes that you will continue the journey after the session ends.


Barbara Bard is the Consulting Director of the Sierra Systems Justice Practice. Barbara has supported Sierra Systems for 21 years in several roles and working on many projects. She is a graduate of Toronto's Rotman School of Management, where her studies focused on strategic change management.

Sierra Systems is supporting the State of Washington Department of Revenue where Barbara is serving as the Asst. Project Director of Legacy Systems Replacement Project.


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Lessons Learned across Olympia and the World

Fast Enterprises provides software and services solutions for government agencies. Across Olympia we are involved in 4 projects at 3 different agencies. Across the world we have conducted hundreds of rollouts implementing new systems and new functionality for our clients. We use an iterative methodology and involve our clients to deliver projects on time and on budget. Each project has successes and mistakes along the way. This presentation is designed to share both the good and the bad so that you can repeat those successes and learn from the mistakes.

Jonathan PolonskyJonathan Polonsky is a recent transplant to Olympia. In his 10+ year career with Fast Enterprises he has moved across Canada and the US in support of clients. Throughout those 10 years he has had a number of positions from developer to project Manager. Currently, he is the Fast Project Manager for the Washington Tax and Licensing System Replacement project at the Washington Department of Revenue.




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Agile, PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition and Your Future

How should PMP®s interpret and respond to such huge changes?!

The last time the PMBOK® Guide changed this dramatically was 1997 when Eliyahu Goldratt’s seminal work on Theory of Constraints was added. Since then the PMBOK® Guide has grown from 176 pages to 589 pages and our profession changed with it! Your career – your future! – require that you understand and integrate these upcoming changes successfully. This presentation has answers for YOU!! 

PMITodayOver the last five years John Stenbeck has become one of the most influential voices in this critical area by distilling high-value insights into Agile from a PMP®’s perspective. In fact, he has become known as the Godfather of Agile in a Traditional World. During this presentation he will show you a well-defined roadmap that applies Agile in ways that unlock all of your potential.

You know improving results is the key to career opportunity. This powerful presentation gives you specific, detailed information about if, when and how to use Agile in your current environment as well as to position yourself for future opportunities.
The information in this presentation is rigorous, concise and gets to the point with focused answers to your challenges. It is designed to be applied in your environment... and accelerate your career!

StenbeckJohn G. Stenbeck, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, CSP, is the Founder of GR8PM, Inc. (pronounced “Great PM”). John is an Amazon #1 Best Selling author. His first two books achieved over $1 million in sales and his most recent one – the Agile Almanac – was ranked the Amazon #1 Best Seller in Agile Project Management and the Amazon #2 Best Seller in Project Management, where it trails only the PMBOK Guide.

He has been a guest on Good Morning America, the Today Show and the Oprah Winfrey Show. He has been featured on the front page of the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union.
A partial list of John’s clients includes Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. – Defense Information Technologies Group; County of Orange; Guinness Bass Import Company; Hewlett-Packard Company; Lucent Technologies; Nike Corp.; Oracle Corp.; Qualcomm, Inc.; U.S. Army – Space and Terrestrial Communications Directorate; U.S.D.A. – National Finance Center; Visa – Smart Cards.
He recently recorded 71 video lectures in Agile Government Contracting and Agile Project Management for Villanova University’s online certificate and degree programs. He was an Adjunct Instructor for the University of California San Diego where he taught project management in the Systems Engineering Certificate program before relocating to Spokane, Washington.


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Communication as a Leadership Tool

PMI Olympia Chapter is excited to welcome Jason Scott to our May dinner meeting. Are you tired of hearing that most Projects fail because of poor communication? The frustration you feel is probably because you instinctively understand the following:

  • Projects don’t fail, they don’t have a heart beat or social security number. People fail…
  • Communication is simply the vehicle we uses to lead…
  • Blaming failure on communication is the greatest obstacle to addressing the lack of leadership skills that are causing Project failure…

Jason Scott 120VCWhen organizations focus on improving communication they generally add process and guidelines that won’t necessarily improve their Project, Program and Portfolio Managers leadership skills. However, when organizations focus on developing the leadership skills of each of their individual team members… It is much more likely that the Leadership Quotient (LQ) will increase in their organizations leading to fewer failed Projects. This vignette will provide the audience with 4 simple game changing tecniques to earn credibility and 8 leadership tecniques that can be put into practice immediately. This vignette will teach that we don’t just LEAD up, down and across… It will teach how to HELP up, down and across.

Disclaimer: This vignette is not for those that are afraid of heights, don’t think Saturday Night Live is funny, aren’t interested in developing mad skills or crybabies! The session will be conducted in a remote region of the city with no access to the “Waaaambulance”!

Because… 120VC exists to create world class LEADERS!

Jason Scott (120CPM, 120CPgM, PMP, CSM): As a Parent, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and CEO, Jason Scott’s PURPOSE is to teach the world to build efficiently and cost effectively. To enable his clients to build the best products for their customers, create meaningful jobs that his employees love, and run a company for his shareholders’ that does more for the world than generate profits and dividends.

In 2000, at the age of 27, he founded 120VC. Jason has been responsible for the success of several hundred million in portfolio for 120VC clients. Developed the 120VC practice standards, and trained hundreds of Project Portfolio Management practitioners. Jason is the author of the “The Irreverent Guide to Project Management” and is a frequent guest lecturer at the USC Marshall School of Business and a highly sought public speaker.

In 2013, Jason launched the 120VC Foundation. The Foundation is a non-profit focused on training transitioning armed forces members and under-employed Project Portfolio Management Practitioners in Project Management best practices. The Foundation volunteers train program participants, develop relationships with local business, and schedule interviews for Foundation Program graduates at no cost to the hiring organizations or the program participants.

Jason is grateful to the 120VC Foundation volunteers, his entire team, his clients and his shareholders, because they allow him to realize his PURPOSE every day.

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