Government 3.0 Perspective

Brian presented an unique perspective on governance from a 3.0 lens. His discussion with participants looked at governance from three perspectives – implementer, technology company owner, and enterprise architect. In each of the three roles, there were varying rules of engagement, pain points, lessons learned and successes where governance was either effective or ill-effective.

Megan PilonBrian Ellis is an IT Transformation Strategist with over 20 years of IT experience as a strategic advisor, technology executive, cloud computing expert/enthusiast, and enterprise architect for major organizations such as Nike, NASA, and Coca Cola. He has a proven track record in uniting disparate technologies, operations, and organizations to function as a single platform and is recognized as a visionary thinker and a creative problem solver, adept at communicating complex technical concepts for broad consumption.


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Supporting a Project Sponsor:  Strategies project managers must do to effectively engage and support project sponsors

The project sponsor is critical to the success of projects.  However, project sponsors generally have other demands on their time, and the project is an additional demand.  This presentation will be an interactive discussion on strategies project managers can employ to best engage and support the project sponsor throughout the life of the project. Megan Pilon, a senior project manager with Treinen Associates, will provide project managers with strategies, guidelines and tools to use for getting the best out of project sponsors.

Megan PilonMegan Pilon, PMP, is a senior project manager at Treinen. She has more than 27 years of Information Technology (IT) experience, including 21 years in project management and 23 years in state government. Having served in the role of project manager for public agencies, an IT vendor and an IT consulting company, Ms. Pilon brings several perspectives to acquisition and implementation of solutions. These perspectives allow her to view risks from the agency’s perspective and to understand the issues and concerns of vendors. She attributes her success in project management to excellent project sponsorship and incredible teams.  She is currently engaged at the Department of Licensing, managing Rollout 3 of their Business and Technology Modernization Project which is to replace business and professions licensing and regulatory systems.


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