The importance of communication skills for Project Managers can’t be emphasized enough! Project Managers spend a lot of time communicating with individuals and groups. In fact, it has been estimated that Project Managers spend 90% of their time on communication related activities.

So, we at PMI Olympia offer avenues through which our members / volunteers can enhance their communication and leadership skills.

1. Website Administration

Our website is our portal to not only Olympia area but the whole world. This is the first entry point to get to know us from anywhere on the planet, around the clock. So, we have posted enough information about us on our website for folks who are interested to get connected with us, in Project Management community.
Since everything is changing around us – the color of the leaves, the seasons, our phones, our age (shhh!), we think we need to change the façade of our website as well.
Now, we have been engaged in developing a new look for our PMIOlympia website, to meet the aesthetic and informational needs of our members and patrons.
Volunteers who have the time and talent in web design can help us in the web makeover project. That way your visual and factual communication skills can be spiced up further!

2. Newsletters

We have around 800 subscribers to our newsletters. To keep them informed and satisfied with all the activities of our chapter, we give them a ride via our Newsletters.
In this busy world, we constantly need notification to help us remember the events that we want to be a part of.
Project Management is not a static topic – it is dynamic. There are lots of methodologies, research studies, terminologies, case scenarios in the job market that keep changing by the moment and we want our members and sponsors to be aware of and keep the momentum of the change, running the extra mile – of course with a smile!
We invite volunteers with that tactful skill of writing or typing or visualizing those thoughts, ideas, and artifacts of PM fabric, to be part of our team, to kick it up a notch.

3. Liaison

We have outreach and partnering projects with SPSCC, IPMA, and Toastmasters. This has opened up a can of opportunities to interact, network and mutually help one another in our community.
We are constantly looking out for chances to support other local vital organizations like us and thereby provide and develop the communication and leadership skills of our members.

Interested? Contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..